Guestbook Excerpts

Wildlife tally: 4 beavers, 2 mink, 1 porcupine, hummingbirds, chipmunks, osprey, blue heron, downy woodpecker, many crayfish, heard an owl, saw a kid catch a 3lb bass, 2 grouse, 2 tree frogs on the door.

We all had a great time this week!! ... The children -- aged 3,2 and 1 had a wonderful time. Thanks for the use of the slide and swing (LIFESAVER). You have a beautiful cottage. 

We enjoyed the fall colours and the view from the cottage. We brought our own kayaks and had a great time on the river and rapids... Sat evening we ate dinner while having a fire and admiring the river view as well as the stars as it got dark. Thanks for your cottage.

Had a great time, enjoyed fly fishing just in front... Lots of small bass and one pike. The boys enjoyed just sitting in the boat about 10 feet out.

We had an amazing 2 weeks here in your dlightful cottage. RELAXING! Saw so many wonderful creatures -- kept the children enthralled. Thanks so much for sharing your 'slice of heaven' with us.

Wow! what more can we say?! It's been such an amazing and peaceful week. i'm so glad I found you on the internet and took a chance. We are already talking about coming back next year. By then the little fish we caught this year should be "dinner" size.

It was a great week! I especially enjoyed feeding my two friends Bubba & Chico (chipmunks I named) by hand. We saw lots of creatures including 2 window climbing frogs (at night)...

What a fun and relaxing week! Some highlights were huge bass trying to jump in the boat... Loved the chipmunks, geese, and snapping turtle. The dogs loved swimming and we loved snorkling. We roasted marshmallows and weinies and slept like babies.

Our family had a fantastic week of holidays. All the animals, stars, and trees are one of the best we have ever seen. Especially spotting the mink and beaver go our kid excited all the time.

Our family would like to say 'thank you' to you. We had a wonderful time this week! This is the first time that we have been in a cottage and we really enjoyed it. ... caught a "4" pound green bass that made him so happy. My son loves to catch the frogs and baby lobsters. I personally love the scene and the lake view. It is beautiful! This week really excited my little one. He played watergun all the time.

Thank you so much for the use of your cottage. We had a very relaxing holiday. We were lucky enough to see a loon, a blue heron, and a snake during our stay.

We had a lovely time! Great property and lots of wildlife to see. We caught fish, saw a chipmunk, frogs, a water snake, a blue heron... Wow what an amazing time. Not even the showers dampened our spirits. Thanks for renting your cottage.

Our children and ourselves had such a fun, relaxing week here at your cottage. You have a remarkable property. We saw a huge snapping turtle, lots of cray fish, and many chipmunks. The kids caught so many fish, we could barely keep up. We went on a 4 hour hike to see an unbelievalbe waterfall at Petroglyphs Provincial Park and picked berries for our pancakes. We will have fond memories of our time here.

We had an amazing time. Thank you for letting us use the cottage. You have an incredible property - TRANQUILITY! Fishing was great. We caught 4, 3lbs large mouth bass and he wants to come back to catch that pike that got away "7" times. We also saw a salamander. Thanks again.

We couldn't have asked for better weather and on the weekdays I think I was the only one around. I enjoyed watching the beavers in the evenings, the herons flying up and down the river and the 4 deer who swam across the river beside me yesterday morning. This is a very well set-up cottage!

We saw so much wildlife: busy beavers, snakes, water snake, heron, racoon, porcupine, chipmunks, king fishers, ospresys, loons, deer and crayfish and countless bugs. All and all a relaxing and fun filled holiday for all (daughter loved the toys in the cottage and playground too).

Loved the cottage and especially the setting. Loved sitting on the deck or in the screened-in porch and watching all the wildlife. Could have stayed longer.