Property From Water Property From Water
This is a recent shot of the water side of the cottage property with the children's kayaks near the water.
Cottage Cottage
Closer shot of the cottage from the water side showing the deck and screened porch.
Cottage Older Cottage Older
Older shot of the cottage (a few extra trees) from another angle.
Deck Deck
A nice shot of the deck with furniture.
Deck and Porch Deck and Porch
Another angle of the deck also showing the screened in porch.
Screened Porch Inside Screened Porch Inside
A shot from inside the screened in porch
By the dock By the dock
Two chairs and a drink table waiting for you down by the dock with fire pit and bench swing in the background.
The Dock The Dock
A lovely picture of the dock in lower sun before the cedar turned silver.
Dock Again Dock Again
A more recent picture of the now silver dock with a glass calm river in early evening light.
Swing for kids Swing for kids
Yes, a swing and slide for the young kids.
Upriver in the summer Upriver in the summer
A wider shot up river during the summer where you see the rocks (rapids in spring) stopping motor boat traffic and allowing explorers to hop and walk around out there.
Upriver rapids Upriver rapids
Here you can see the rapids when the river is moving faster -- typically in spring.
Downriver Downriver
A shot downriver from the far edge of the property with a boat barely visible at the cottage dock. At the far end of the visible part of the river is where it enters Crowe Lake.
Downriver in Fall Downriver in Fall
A lovely picture down river taken from the cottage dock in the fall. The dock visible in the picture is used by the neighbours from the other side to let them get access to the lake. You will likely only see them on the weekend.
Kitchen One Kitchen One
One side of the very large and well equipped kitchen.
Kitchen Two Kitchen Two
The middle of the large well equipped kitchen.
Kitchen Three Kitchen Three
The other end of the large well equipped kitchen showing an older water cooler now replaced by water crock.
Main room Main room
An older shot of the main room showing the large front windows opening toward the water, the wood stove, and the TV which has since been upgraded to a flat screen.
Bedroom Bunk Bedroom Bunk
A picture of one of the double/single bunk beds. This corner room has two windows, one overlooking the water.